The Face behind the Natural Label  – Sunsibility

angeli-jacksonJaney says…With 4 kids (all with fair skin) I’ve long been a fan of this excellent company who make funky sun protective clothing…

So who’s behind it ?

Angeli Jackson, Founder and Managing Director.  Epsom, Surrey KT19 9EA

SunSibility was formed in 2001, following Angeli’s  graduation from the London College of Fashion. She Graduated with BA Honours in Product Development for the Fashion Industries,  developed the idea for my final study project but then, after working so hard,  she decided to turn the idea into working practice.  The Foundations were already in place and there was great demand for this product in the market.

SunSibility is a high quality sun protection company, dedicated to offering the most effective and stylish clothing and accessories products for the whole family. The company is committed to helping customers enjoy the sun safely and to help raise awareness both in the UK and Internationally.

How big is the company, where are your products sold?

SunSibility is a home-based company, selling products globally, recognised by the Health, Fashion, Sports and Travel industries. The products have also been medically endorsed for effectiveness.

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H20 OPEN Open Water Swimming FEB / MARCH 2013

STINGER SUIT _£39.99 to £62.99 from
H20 OPEN Open Water Swimming FEB / MARCH 2013

A selection of the latest gear for a better and more enjoyable swim

With ever more people taking swimming holidays in sunny places we thought we’d look at one of the ways to protect yourself from sunburn.  Of course, one of the benefits of going somewhere hot is that you don’t have to squeeze yourself into a wetsuit, so the thought of substituting it with another all-in-one costume might not be appealing. However, the light and stretchy material of the Stinger made this mission a breeze and the front zipper avoided the need to ask for help from strangers.

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